Service & Maintenance

When you engage the services of ELV Alliance IT Solutions for the creation of your communication networks and security systems, you present yourself with the gift of our superior services. Not only do we bring the whole works to the service of you, but our intimate knowledge of your unique solution would help us service and maintain your systems painlessly. Imagine the great feeling of solemn assurance and rest when you know that for life, Our expert staff and engineers are trained to train and to carry our your project without hitches or strike. With us, you are insured and assured of an incredible customer relationship and service. In being your constant go-to hosts for the excellent quality service you enjoy, we establish an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with you following the expiration of the warranty period. This agreement covers popular subjects like our services, responsibilities, priorities, guarantees, and warranties. The services we offer to returning, and first-time clients in maintenance and general operation are extensive. Below you will find a list of our works and provisions; · Routine maintenance of equipment and facilities. · Emergency service restoration · Network monitoring services and continuing network analysis. · Adds, moves, and changes of equipment · Employee training · Day-to-day provision in