About Us

ELV Alliance IT Solutions is a market leader in integrated IT solutions and security systems in the UAE, offering optimal, integrated solutions to corporate and individual clients. We have a long track record of delivering dynamic management solutions and cutting-edge technology solutions in the field of IT, LV and Security Systems with extra emphasis on product quality and customer support.

As a premier systems integrator, ELV Alliance IT Solutions ideally creates an inherently intelligent, integrated network that suits present and future business needs of the clients. We also provide integrated business security systems that protect and manage assets as well as keep a watchful eye on the business all the time.

While we stress on fast, reliable and flexible services that are seamlessly scalable to suit the customer’s requirements through time, we specialize in complete, client-specific solutions starting from design, to supply, modification, installation and maintenance of new and existing systems with a prompt and cost effective choice of alternatives.

We aim to bring forth modernization and innovation to the society through our products and services. The policy of ELV Alliance IT Solutions is to build, reinforce, and expand strategic alliances with partners. Thanks to its long-standing relationships, ELV Alliance IT Solutions has been able to expand its operations not only in India but abroad also. We hope your continued trust and confidence in ELV Alliance IT Solutions and its products.With a combination of latest and sophisticated technology, we constantly endeavor to deliver the best products in the domain. We have a wide range of products catering to the needs of small enterprises, industries and private uses. We have multi-profile range and excel in providing solution in the domain combined with strong technical back up and know-how from its principles.

We provide state of the art technology for a range of security services that is the need of the hour. It enables us to carry out all the business related activities in a systematic manner. Moreover, we have teams of hard-working professionals that guide us in achieving all the business tasks in an efficient manner. Also, our teams ensure that the ordered consignments reach the clients’ preferred destinations within the given time. Some of our services include- Security Solutions, Parking Management system, Traffic Controls, and High Speed Doors in Gate Automation industry. 
Also, ELV Alliance IT Solutions provide tailored solutions to various need of the clients. Not only this, ELV Alliance IT Solutions is known for the support that it provides to its clientele around the clock. Besides, we provide installation services, troubleshooting, repair and technical support free of cost. With ELV Alliance IT Solutions at your side, you can be sure of your safety and security around the clock.

We are constituted of well-qualified and experienced professionals having in depth knowledge of various kinds of security systems with enterprising skills. We rigorously train our staff to make sure that they are fully aware about the latest innovations and technology in the field. We can assure you that we have the best talent in the industry delivering the best in term of design and services.


To be the first class system integrator of choice in the Middle East by serving our customers a consistently high level of quality services and products, while creating and maintaining an environment in which employees flourish to the best of their abilities. The ultimate result is to create outstanding brand value for our shareholders


Our Vision is to extend our experience in Converged Technology System Integration applications to all major verticals and Middle.East territories & Indian Subcontinent. profitably and to the advantage of our clients and suppliers.

Our Values

Value honesty and professionalism in all people

Understand and satisfy our customers

Respect and protect the health and safety of all

Respect and protect the environment

Value our employees